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Linda Delgado, a police officer above the rank of Sergeant in Arizona, USA. Hereceived the guidance of God and religion Islamketika world shaken by terrorism.Follow the story of how young he converted to Islam and the ups and downs of his experience.
Five years ago, I was 52 years old and is a Christian. I am not a member of any church,but all my life, I always look for the truth. Attended many churches and learn from their teachers. Everything is not complete and I realized there was nothing but the truth of God. Since I was 9 years old I read the Bible every day. Not to say, since so many yearsold, I often find the real truth.
Many years during my quest for the truth, I learned some religious teachings. Over a yearI studied two times a week with a Catholic priest, but could not accept the Catholic faith.Then for a year I mempelajariKesaksian Jehovah and not to accept their beliefs. I spentalmost two years with the Mormons, and still can not find the truth. I went to many Protestant churches, some for months, trying to find answers to my questions.
Firman Allah tentang kebenaran Islam : 

Forbidden to you (for food) are carrion and blood (1), pork (meat animals) areslaughtered in the name other than Allah, who is choking, the beaten, the fallen, theditanduk, and is gripped by a wild animal unless ye are able to slaughter it (2), and (are forbidden unto you) is sacrificed to idols. And (forbidden) also divining arrows (3),(divining arrows that) is wickedness. On this day (4) those who disbelieve in despair of (ever harming) your religion, so do not fear them and fear Me. On this day have I perfected your religion for you, and me-to enrich my favor, and Ku-ridhai Islam as your religion. But if forced to (5) by hunger, sin, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful I began to understand what I believe to be God's gift to the
 My heart told me Jesus is not God but Allah. My heart told me Adam and Eve were responsible for their sins, not mine. My heart told me I should pray to God and no other.My feeling of responsibility for good and evil, and God sometimes I will not be transformed into a man to tell me that is not accounted for. He does not need to live and die as a human being, because He is God. So there I was, full of questions and praying to God for help. I was so afraid to face death without knowing the truth. I pray and keep praying.I received responses from priests and preachers, "It is a mystery."I felt that God wanted people to go to heaven so He would not make it a mystery to go there, how to deal with this life, and how to know Him. I know the state of my heart what I hear all this is not true. I live in Arizona, the United States at the age of 52 years and have never talked to a Muslim. I like many Westerners, had read a lot through the media about Islam as a religion of fanatics and terrorists, so I never researched any books or information about Islam. I do not know anything about religion.FINDING MEFour years ago, I retired after 24 years as a police officer. My husband is also ex-policemen. The year before my retirement I was a police sergeant and supervisor.Police officers worldwide have a common bond, we call a brotherhood of Law Enforcement. We always help each other no matter what police department or country whatsoever.The year I received a brochure in need of a group of police officers from Saudi Arabia who came to the United States to study English at the university nearby and provide training at the police academy in the town where I live. Arab members of the police is currently looking for a house they lived with their adoptive families to learn the American culture and practice the English language they are learning.My son is raising my granddaughter as a single parent. I helped him find a house next to us so that we can take care of grandchildren. I talked with my husband and we agree it's good we are helping the police earlier. It also provides an opportunity for grandchildren to learn about people from other countries. I told the young Muslim and I am just so curious.An interpreter from Arizona State University to bring a young Arab named Abdul to meet with us. We showed him a bedroom and bathroom, which she will use when staying with us. I liked Abdul. Good character and respect won my heart!Then, Fahd brought to our home. He is young and shy, but a young man happy. I became their tutor and we shared a lot of police work, the United States and Saudi Arabia, Islam and others. I watched how they help one another with each other and the 16-member Saudi Arabia to other police who came to learn English.During their years here, I respect Fahd and Abdul are not letting them influence the American culture. They went to mosque every Friday, said their prayers even though they are tired, and always be careful what they eat and so on. They showed me their traditional dishes and they took me to Arab markets and restaurants. They're so good with my grandchildren. They showered her with presents, jokes and friendship. They treat me and my husband with respect. Every day they would ask if they need to help me buy goods on the market before they went to study with other Arab policemen. I teach them how to use computers, and I subscribe to the Arabic newspaper online and started searching the internet to learn more about them, their culture and their religion. I do not want to do things that would offend them.One day, I asked them if they have the Quran more. I wanted to read what was in it. They make their embassy in Washington DC and get me an English Quran, tapes and pamphlets. At my request, we began to discuss Islam (they had to speak English and this became the focus of study session).I grew to love these young men, and they told me that I was the first non-Muslim they teach Islam!After a year, they completed their studies and training at the police academy. I had to help their police studies, because I was a police instructor. I invited many of their police friends to my house for university projects and to practice English. One of them brought her to America, and I was invited to their homes. They are so good and I was talking to his wife about Muslim dress, ablution and other matters.A week before "adopted children" I returned to Saudi Arabia, I planned a dinner with traditional dishes (I bought some because I do not know how to cook). I buy a hijab and abaya (long dress). I want them to go home remembering me dressed perfectly Islamic.SAY TWO SyahadahBefore we ate, I said the two clauses of the testimony. Young children had been crying and laughing and it really extra special. I believe in my heart that God has sent these young people in my answer to my prayers during this time. I believe God chose me to see the truth in the light of Islam. I believe Allah sent Islam to my door. I praise Him for His mercy, His merciful and gracious to me.My Journey in IslamArab boys I go back to their homes a week after I converted to Islam. I missed them greatly, but was still happy. I have attended the mosque near where I live once I converted to Islam and enrolled me as a Muslim. I expect a good response from the local Muslim community. I think all Muslims are like my adopted children who have been with me a year ago. My family is still in a state of shock! They think I'll hold on to this new religion is only for a while, to no regulation, and switch to another religion, as I did before. They were amazed by the changes in my daily life. My husband is a versatile, so he bought halal food when I say we will eat halal and haram food away, she agreed.Further changes are transferred all the images of human and animal images of all the rooms in our house. One day when my husband returned home from work she found the pictures hung on the wall before it, has been compiled in the album. He only saw without any comment. Next, I wrote a letter to my family and non-Muslims and told them my situation and explain how it is going to change family relationships. I explained some fundamental Islam. My family still with their stance, and I continue to learn to pray and read Quran. I became active in a group of Muslim women through the internet and makes it easier for my learning.I also attended the basic class of Muslims at the mosque when I was not working. I was a police sergeant at the time and it is difficult - impossible for the actual hood. It is so annoy me and so I was worried. Only eight months away and I can retire, so I make an application, and then allowed to work three days a week for me to plan and research projects.Six months passed, Muslim women in mosques not ignore me. I feel disappointed. I felt like an outsider. I am so confused. I try to be active in the community with a good handful of my sisters. I was the lookout, they are looking for a good hearted, loyal friend and a good attitude is reflected swallowed by young Arab police on a daily basis.I made many mistakes in the mosques, such as speaking in a place of worship. I went to community councils and eat with your left hand, I use the 'nail polish' and was scolded. I took the wrong way ablution and highly stigmatized. I become faint of heart.One day I received a package from my Muslim friends who I know through the internet. In bungkunsan there are some abayas, hijabs, silk stockings and a note that I welcome the entry into Islam. This woman is from Kuwait. There are a kind of Muslim prayer and sent him for his own carpets. This good woman living in Saudi Arabia.I received an e-mail that I always remember when I felt like a stranger. Note the e-mail reads: "I am glad that you convert to Islam, before I met many Muslims." This is not an insult. It is a reminder that Islam was perfect and we are Muslims who are not perfect.Myself as a weakness, that's also my Muslim brothers of another.

Muslims: the brotherhood in Islam
Four years later, my life has changed so significantly. My family has been received with good sense and tolerance that I am a Muslim and will always be in Islam. Praise be to Allah who has tested me a convert to Islam and dealing with families who are trying to remove me from Islam.Gradually, I got a local friend and through cyber space, many of my Muslim friends was a Muslim family who helped me, to love and make friends. Last year I converted to Islam first, I was sick with a dangerous disease. I hold firmly to the rope of Islam and give thanks to the black beans and tea-zam zam water and the prayers of my friends around the world.After my health condition worsened I became weak. I had to stop work and separate the community from the local Muslim community. I worked hard in my prayers, have difficulty to pronounce the Arabic words, but never lost hope. Teachers who teach Islam to make a few tapes, and my friend took her to my house. After two years, I have learned four verses of the Quran. This may seem a bit on most of the Muslims, but to me it is a big achievement. I learned to understand the spoken verses in prayer, the struggle for two years.Islam my third year, I get a heart attack and had heart surgery. It is a very sad time for me, because I know I'm not going to touch my forehead to the floor during prayers, but will forever have to sit on a chair to pray. At this time I understand the facilities provided in the worship of God. Prayer is sitting on the seat is allowed, no excuse is permissible to fast on. I do not feel I'm not Islamic, when I do it in that condition.After visiting several mosques, they are like mini United Nations, I can see some small groups in mosques produced by language and culture is not caused by love or dislike of someone. I feel happy even though there are many differences, I can always get a greeting "Assalamualaikum" and a smile.Then, I began to get acquainted with those who embrace Islam as I am. There are many similarities between us - we face the same test, such as a family member who is not Muslim, Arab difficult to say the word, feel the silence on the Islamic festival, and has no family members to break the Ramadan. Islamic Sometimes we will lead our old friends who can not accept change in ourselves, or because of activities that we can not with the non-Muslims, such as dancing, and free association of men and women.When I was not able to do community service, I tried the other way for the good of the Muslim community. I continuously seek Allah's help in this regard.

On one day, my grandson suggested I write a book about my adopted children from Saudi Arabia, Islam and the Muslim experience of my family. I decided to write a book and also includes a story about a group of girls, Muslims and non Muslims. Stories include the problems faced by girls at school and at home, and I will use my knowledge of Islam as a guide to the characters in the book. I started writing a series of books called "Islamic Rose Books." I form a group of Muslim women writers and the author's aspiration and subsequently resulted in the association Islamic Writers Alliance (Islamic Writers Alliance). This alliance is an international organization that provides support for writers and authors aspirations of Muslim women. Our primary goal is to promote our work to readers and publishers.I also decided to help the two Muslim Food Fund by helping them create a database that is used for inventory, customers, and to produce reports required for the purpose of sponsoring and financing. I also decided that I would spend the bulk of the book sales profits to buy the book and placed in children's libraries. I find that many libraries have a lot of empty space in place of Islamic children's books.Many more that I need to learn about Islam. I never tired of reading the Quran and I enjoy reading stories about the Muslim leaders who excel. When I was in doubt in any case, I will refer to the Prophet's sunnah I will look at how the Prophet would act in a particular situation and I will make it as user.My Adventures in Islam will continue, and I look forward to new experiences. I am grateful to God for His mercy and His loving nature of his

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